Heart In Mouth get a real buzz out of creating something exciting, relevant and helpful for those we work with.  We firmly believe that to have impact, consultancy has to be tailored to the needs, desires and values of the folk attending and the organisations they are part of.  While we offer certain “core services”, we don’t believe in providing an off the shelf event.  Have a look at some of the services we provide and let us know how you think they could help you and your team find and share their messages with confidence, skill and effect.  

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Communication Skills
We take a holistic approach to helping folk communicate their message.  Whether in a conference, on a zoom call or in a pitch for funding, we help folk find out what they want to share, who they will share it with and then work out how they do so in a personal, confident and informed way.
One to One Coaching
We have considerable experience in working closely with individuals across the sector to help them find, hone and share the messages that matter to them and the causes they are part of.  Whether they are leaders, volunteers or folk whose lived experience informs others, we offer a personalised service that can inspire, inform and change the work that you do.

Strategic Support

Good communication is easier said than done.  We bring a deep understanding and experience from across private, public and third sector work to help you and your team create a strategic approach to your message which will not only improve your communications but also your ability to connect with those who support you and those whom you wish to work with and for.

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Facilitation Services

Encouraging teams to talk, listen, hear and understand each other can sometimes be easier said than done.  Using a wide variety of techniques, we offer a presonalised and personal service to ensure that your time together is productive, engaging and maybe even a little bit fun!  

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Key Note Speaking

While we love hearing other people's stories, our founder Ishbel Smith has provided key note speeches in a wide variety of events.  Always seeking to capture the heart of the message of the occassion, she brings a creative, engaging and story filled approach to this element of our work.