Heart In Mouth get a real buzz out of creating something exciting, relevant and helpful for those we work with.  We firmly believe that to have impact, training has to be tailored to the needs, desires and values of the folk attending and the organisations they are part of.  While we offer certain “core services”, we don’t believe in providing an off the shelf event.  Have a look at some of the sessions we facilitate and let us know how you think they could help you and your team speak with confidence, skill and effect.  

Presentation Skills 
Our most popular session gives an insight on how everyone can learn how to speak with more confidence and impact.  Interactive and even fun, it focuses on equipping individuals to be more knowledgeable and effective.
One to One
Got an important presentation to deliver or just want to develop some core transferrable skills?  One to one sessions can ensure that the focus is on you and your message.

To Ask or Not To Ask - What is the Question?

Trustees and managers are encouraged to question, question, question.  This session answers the questions: Why we should ask questions?  Why don’t we?   How can we question more confidently, effectively and constructively?  Designed to be interactive, practical and supportive, why don’t you sign up to this session and see the positive changes it can make to you and your team? 

Making That Pitch Perfect

Securing the chance to pitch for vital support can be exciting - and daunting.  This workshop session shares some of the tips and tricks that can make your pitch engaging and effective but still loyal to the ethos and aims of the charitable sector.  

Adding the Image
We know a picture can tell a thousand words but no-one wants the wrong image to tell the wrong story.  We can give experienced guidance on using the right visuals at the right time either for that one speech or for your whole approach.
Team Training
Our experience shows that learning as a team can not only be fun but helps a team foster a sense of shared vision, mission and purpose.  We can tailor sessions to help your team communicate a shared message.

Facilitation Services

Encouraging teams to talk, listen, hear and understand each other can sometimes be easier said than done.  Using a wide variety of techniques, we offer a presonalised and personal service to ensure that your time together is productive, engaging and maybe even a little bit fun!  

Bespoke Training
If your organisation or team is facing a new challenge or issue in delivering its message, we can provide tailor made sessions to fit your needs.

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