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A Lost Christmas Message?

A wordle of the Queens Christmas Message 2016

A Wordle of the Queen's Christmas Message 2016


And so Christmas is over for another year. Yet another yuletide has passed full of parties, presents and promotion – not just for shops but (dare we say it) for charities and for churches. Understandably, almost every organisation we can think of takes the chance of a seasonal platform to deliver its Christmas message – an opportunity to not only pass on good wishes for others but to remind their audience what they do and why they do it.

The trouble is that often these well-meant and earnestly expressed words are as quickly forgotten as joke socks and cheap perfume as people move on to the next event and a new focus for their attention. How do we make sure that our message is for life and not just for Christmas?

Well, there are a maybe a few clues about how we can do that by looking at that first Christmas – a tale that has been effectively told and heard for more than 2000 years.

Firstly, like that humble stable where the baby was born, keep your message simple. Over complicating things means that more will be lost rather than remembered.

Secondly, like the angel that visited Mary, think about who you are speaking to and how they may react to your words. Mary reacted so positively to a, quite frankly shocking, message because it was delivered in a way that she would understand and listen to.

And thirdly, when you really do have something to shout about, celebrate, enjoy and take pleasure in delivering the good news you are sharing as if you are an angel with great news to proclaim. If you have confidence and passion in your message, people will not be able to stop themselves responding.

I hope, then, that whatever messages you have heard this Christmas, whatever memories you have made and whatever hopes you have been given stay with you and yours well beyond this festive season. Heart In Mouth wishes you all the best for a great 2018.

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