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First Impressions Last?

Google is a minefield of information that can easily trap the unwary. Ask it for a summary of famous opening lines and you are treated to a myriad of lists, polls and opinions on quotations from movies, songs, poems and books. It seems that it is a truth universally acknowledged that a single opus in possession of a good potential must be in want of an opener.

It is somewhat daunting then for a fledgling blog writer to mull on how best to open their blog account - and even more intimidating for people who are wondering how to deliver that killer opening line for their presentation. Current research suggests that first impressions are formed within 15 seconds of human to human encounters - how does that impact on someone who is meeting a whole audience for the first time?

It is undoubtedly important that we open our blog, speech or presentation well. No-one wants to lose their audience before they have even started. With conscious reflecting, regular practice and some honest advice, we can increase our confidence that our start is what and how we want to say it. And confidence is crucial for any starting point.

Yet what is striking about all the "famous opening lines" that google reports to us is that they are all the start of works that are in their entirety famous. It is what follows the opener that determines whether the book or the film is not only good but memorable. With speeches too, it is the whole content that brings the real and substantive rewards - and where an individual's voice, message and passion can have its greatest impact.

So while first impressions do count, its important to remember that it is the whole package that lasts - for you, for your audience and for the message that you want to share.

Welcome to Heart In Mouth - I think this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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