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Dean Park House, 2 Mansfield Road, Balerno EH14 7LA

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Heart In Mouth works alongside individuals and teams to help them talk confidently and effectively about something that matters to them.  
In a world transformed by digital communications, we believe there is still an unrivalled impact in how we share our stories face to face.  Whether in presentations to thousands; meetings with many or conversations with our neighbour, what we say and how we say it has the power to change hearts and minds.   But knowing that our words count is often different from knowing which words to use and how to say them.  Heart in Mouth works with you to help focus your message; hone your presentation techniques and ensure that your audience listen and connect with the message you have to deliver. 
We love working with individuals and teams who want to share a message that matters to them.  Communicating effectively using words isn't just about standing in front of a crowd - its about how we talk and share with everyone we meet.  We relish the chance to take time with those we work with to find the stories and messages that mean something to them, their teams and the audiences they want to engage with. 
Taking a creative, informed and practical approach to our work, we help people to find what lies at the heart of what they do so they can connect with others in a positive and maybe even transformational way for everyone involved in the conversation.  We work with teams and individuals to help ensure that a shared message is heard, understood and effectively (but uniquely) told. 
Whether you are a volunteer,  worker  or student in a third sector, non-profit or faith organisation, being asked to speak on behalf of your shared cause can be daunting.  Some people relish the opportunity but others find the thought of speaking in public terrifying - both will have their hearts in their mouths.
 We believe that by enabling people to have increased confidence, knowledge and skills when speaking up and speaking out, they can be free to be themselves in a unique but effective way when delivering that important and impactful message.
So whether you are planning that big presentation, or facilitating that important meeting or just wanting to share the story of where your life journey has taken you, contact us to see how we can help you put your heart in your mouth in a way that works for everyone.