Heart In Mouth works alongside individuals and teams to help them to find the stories that matter - and share them confidently and effectively.  

Why do we do this?

We believe in the power of stories to transform people’s lives. 


We have seen first-hand the difference it can make to individuals, organisations and communities when messages that matter are shared powerfully, effectively and confidently.  We have also seen the problems that can be caused when communication is not inclusive – when people are not listened to, when communities are not heard and when conversations become contentious. 

We know that by working with others to empower them to communicate, we can help them find the stories that they want to share, build their confidence in how they share them and equip them to make the difference they want to see.


How do we do this?

We work to help others communicate with an understanding of what they are doing and why they are doing it.  We take a creative, practical and informed approach, ensuring that any of our services are tailored to individual needs and concerns.

We do this in a number of ways including:

  • Training – in teams or in communities, with a particular emphasis on presentation skills, confident conversation and story sharing.  This helps people not just learn the tools for personal communication but to hear the ways in which others experience the fear – and the power – of effective connections.

  • Facilitation – we work with groups to help them find and use their stories and conversations to work effectively, empathetically and engagingly with each other and the communities they are part of.  This in turn helps teams to review not just their communication but also their strategic approaches.

  • Coaching – we work with individuals to help them identify the messages they want to share, listen to what others are communicating with them, understand their audiences and build their personal style in connecting with others.

  • Conference work – as well as delivering key-note addresses, we also work with groups who wish to ensure that their gatherings work for the audience and the speakers be that in a digital or “real life” environment.

  • Strategic reviews - our consultancy service provides insight into how communications are effective within your team and your community.  We will work with you to find and develop the communications strategy that works in a loyal and effective way for the impact you wish to make.


Who do we work with?

While we work primarily within the Third Sector, we also value our work with clients within the Social Enterprise and Ethical business spheres. 

We consider it extremely important that we continue to work cross-sectorally.  In this way, we can ensure that we continue to learn from individuals and groups of all different sizes and experiences and use that insight and learning to help others connect and learn. 

We ensure that we work with people of all different ages, experiences and places within the society.  We think everyone’s experiences need to be heard – be they individuals with powerful life stories or paid leaders of organisations with personal experience to be shared. 

We take a trauma-informed approach to our work, taking particular pride in seeing so many who have been told that they are voiceless stepping up to tell their stories in a knowing, individual and impactful way.


Let us help you and those you work with put your hearts in your mouth in an effective, informed and confident way!